Saturday, February 11, 2012

Schooner Nelly Potter ~ 8 April 1889

United States Life-Saving Service Report 

About 1:30 a.m. on April 8 the schooner Nelly Potter, under the command of Captain W. Wahab, drug anchor and went ashore near "Hatteras swatch", 6 miles NNE of the station where she filled with water and sand. She was discovered by the lookout, Surfman D. Williams, at about 5:00 a.m. Keeper Howard reports (transcribed as found):

"... while spying the sch her mainmast fell. Keeper-crew tuck supply boat as she had sails as it was imposable to rowe aganst such terrific gale ... we battle hard almost had to give in several times as the sea was braking over evry sea. Almost sunk the boat with 2 men bailing with buckets. But after very hard strugle ... wear able to get to the wreck sch witch was sunk, boath mast gone sea braking right over her ... anchored under lee of sch ... About that time Capt Burrus, keeper of Durants Station come to the rescue in very large sail boat with 10 men ... we both soon got along side, tuck of the wreck crew, 6 in all. They wear well drench with water as the sea smashed over them ... I tuck fore of the crew ashore at my station. Capt Burrus tuck 2 men with him."

The station crew returned to the schooner the following morning and were able to save most of the crew's personal effects. On the 10th they returned once more and assisted in removing some of the cargo of lumber, "... work hard all day. All cold do untill Capt of Sch cold her from oners." The vessel was lost.
     The Potter, which was built around 1868, was enroute to New York City. Keeper Howard concluded, "... 6 lives saved, all belong to Ocracoke, NC."

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