Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bark Phillipp Suppicich ~ 22 February 1878

Carolina Watchman,
Salisbury, NC
14 March 1878
On February 22, 1878 the German bark Phillipp Supipicich stranded and was totally lost on a shoal on the south side of Hatteras Inlet. She was en route from Newcastle to Philadelphia under the command of Captain Ludwig Korf. 12 lives were lost.

The Wilmington Star reported on February 27:

"Information received by Mr. Eduard Peschau, the German Imperial Consul at this port is ... that the wrecked vessel is the German barque PHILIP SUPPICICH, Captain Ludwig Korf ..."

The Consul had received a report that some of the crew were clinging to the fallen spars. He later learned that the entire crew was lost. The Star also reported that in a letter which appeared in the New York Herald, which had been sent from Hatteras to the Chief Signal Officer in Washington, DC:

"After a dilligent search and after seeing numerous papers, I can find only the following facts concerning the barque ashore at this place ... the owner seems to be Heinrich Bauer, of Bostock. Her books and papers are all in the German language ... Three bodies have been washed ashore ... one of them is supposed to be that of the captain ... the crew are all thought to have drowned. No assistance could be rendered on account of the high seas ... She is now a total wreck, broken entirely to pieces."

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