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Schooner Minnie Bergen ~ 18 August 1899

Annual Report of the Operations of the United States Life-Saving Service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1900:

Sprung a leak during the severe storm and anchored 3 miles offshore. Her master, seeing that he could not keep her afloat, slipped her cables and let her drift onto the beach in order to save the lives on board. Life saving crew were watching her, and were on hand with their beach apparatus when she struck. Communication was established with the wreck by the use of the Lyle gun at a distance of 300 yards, and the beach apparatus was set up. The crew of 7 men were hauled ashore safely in the breeches buoy, none too soon, however, as the heavy seas were breaking over the wreck and it was fast going to pieces. They were taken to station, and, having lost all their effects, were supplied with necessary clothing from the stores donated by the Women’s National Relief Association. The shipwrecked crew were succored at the station until the 21st. The master remained until the 30th, when, having sold the part of the cargo of oil which had washed ashore, he left for his home. (See letter of acknowledgment.)


DEAR SIR: I wish through you to return the tanks of my crew and myself to the brave keeper and crew of this station for their prompt and valuable service in rescuing us with the breeches buoy on the morning of August 18, during a severe gale of wind and rain. Schooner was fast breaking up and seas were sweeping across her. We also thank them for their general treatment while we stopped at the station.
     Please thank for us all the Women’s National Relief Association for their generous supply of clothing. Heaven bless these noble-hearted women! Yours, respectfully, S. BOEMAN, Master of the Schooner Minnie Bergen

Fisherman & Farmer, August 25, 1899

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