Monday, January 2, 2012

Steamer Wetherby ~ 2 December 1893

Annual Report of the Operations of the United States Life-Saving Service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1894:

Stranded on Outer Diamond Shoal, 12 miles offshore and became a total wreck. Notified the adjacent stations of Creeds Hill and Big Kinnakeet by telephone, then set out for her in surfboat; found her listed to starboard and filling rapidly. Crew of 24 men abandoned her in surfboat and two of the ship’s boats, taking part of their effects, each of the ship’s boats being in charge of a surfman placed on board by the keeper. Soon after leaving the vessel met the Creeds Hill crew, who took one of the ship’s boat with 13 men in tow, landing them with surfboat when the shore breakers were reached. The Cape Hatteras crew conveyed the other boat to within 3 miles of the shore, when the surfboat from Big Kinnakeet Station met them and took charge, landing the sailors in safety. Cared for the 24 mariners at Cape Hatteras and Creeds Hill stations until the 6th instant, when they were transferred from Durante Station to the schooner Lizzie S. James, which carried them to Norfolk. (See letters of acknowledgement.)

SIR: We, the undersigned, desire to tender our sincere thanks on behalf of twelve crew members of the steamship Wetherby, wrecked on Cape Hatteras Shoals on the morning of the 2d instant, for the assistance and kind treatment we have received at the hands of Captain Styron and the crew at this station. Respectfully, Isaac T. Tose, Second Mate ; William Jack, Second Engineer ETC

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