Monday, January 2, 2012

Schooner Willie H. Child Ship Model

My name is Rick Tuttle and I came across your posting of the final grounding and loss of  the logging schooner Willie H. Child on your web site "North Carolina Ship Wrecks". I have a personal interest in the history of the Willie H. Child in that my paternal grandfather hand-built a large scale model of the schooner sometime in the first half of the 1900s. The model was built with no sails but is fully rigged and stands about 4’ high and 5’ long. I have attached photos of the model.
As to why my grandfather used that particular schooner to create a model I have no idea. His name was Arthur A. Tuttle of Taunton, MA. Arthur was always an avid amateur sailor, actually having built at least one single mast recreational boat sometime in the 1950s. He also was a long time member of the Taunton Yacht Club. I hope to be able to restore, clean and eventually place the model in a museum someday where it will be able to be used as a truly educational piece but not end up hidden in storage.

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