Saturday, March 17, 2012

Schooner Hettie J. Dorman ~ 5 May 1900

Annual Report of the Operations of the United States Life-Saving Service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1900:

Sunk near the Outer Diamond Shoal by striking on a submerged wreck. The 5 men composing her crew manned the yawl and started for shore. They were met a short distance from the wreck by the crew of the Cape Hatteras Station, who took them safely ashore. The wreck drifted off the shoal and went ashore about 2-1/4 miles S. of the Little Kinnakeet Station. The crew of that station boarded her, and finding her deserted, saved some of the gear and kept a lookout over the vessel and cargo until the arrival of the master. The vessel was a total loss and the cargo was sold at public auction. The crew of the wrecked vessel were sheltered a the Hatteras and Little Kinnakeet stations until transportation could be provided to their homes. (See letter of acknowledgment.)


GENTLEMEN: Please accept thanks of myself and crew for your kindness in taking care of us and feeding us in our destitute condition, and for taking care of our schooner and cargo, which drifted ashore near your station May 6, 1900, until I arrived at Cape Hatteras Station, where I had been carried by the crew of that station, who rescued us from a small yawl on May 5, our vessel having been sunk off Cape Hatteras. I am glad, as a seaman, to be able from a personal experience to recommend this crew for doing their whole duty. In conclusion, I wish to congratulate the general superintendent for having such good and accommodating men in his service as I have found during my stay here. Very truly yours, J.W. SABISTON, Master of Schooner Hettie J. Dorman

Virginian Pilot, Norfolk, VA

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