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Brig Joseph ~ March 1809

Correspondence beginning on February 10 between David Stone, U.S. Senator and later governor of North Carolina; James Taylor, collector of customs at Ocracoke; and Samuel Tredwell, collector of customs at Edenton,concerning the wreck of the brig Joseph, commanded by Captain N.W. Easton which was cast away on the banks early the previous month while enroute to Baltimore, MD, from Bordeaux, France.
     Mr. Stone, while on his way from Washington to his home district in North Carolina, promised to visit the place of the wreck to recover and return to Mr. Madison his articles which were on the wreck. Mr. Taylor reported in one of his letters that there were “…five boxes marked IMB and two boxes marked IMC and two Barrels … part of which are directed to you and part for the President.”
     Mr. Taylor had the items, nuts and wine placed in a fire proof store in New Bern under the care of Francis Hawks, customs collector of New Bern. In April they were shipped on board the schooner Crispin, under the command of Captain Easton, to Mr. J. Brice, collector of customs for the port of Baltimore. Mr. Taylor forwarded the following bill of individual expenses along with the goods:

The Hnble James Madison, Esqr.
To James Taylor – paid U States duties on

40 Gals. White wine – 4.

1-1/2 groce bottles - .80

Wm Hollister & Co, Storage 3 months – 4.

Cartage & lighterage from the wreck of The Jacob to Sloop Union – 6.75
Freight to New Bern from Chickimacomi 9 packages equal to 8 brls – 8.
Proportional part of inspection & Guard – 1.
Dollars - $24.55
District Ocracoke, April 29th, 1809
Errors Excep James Taylor

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