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Schooner Hattie Lollis ~ 7 April 1889

Annual Report of the Operations of the United States Life-Saving Service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1889:

Another sacrifice to the fury of the gale of April 7th in the 6th Life Saving District was the schooner Hattie Lollis, of Wilmington, DE, which while on her way from Washington, NC, to Hartford, CT, lost her sails, sprung a leak and drove ashore one and a half miles north-northwest of the Nag’s Head Station, coast of North Carolina.
     An active patrol being kept on account of the storm and fog, she was immediately discovered and her situation was as quickly as possible reported to the keeper. No time was lost at the station in getting started with two carts taking besides the beach apparatus, a quantity o blankets and the medicine chest. Having a pair of horses to assist them they were able to make very good time, notwithstanding the wind was dead ahead and the beaches were flooded by the extremely full tide, and arrived near the schooner within an hour from the time of the accident. She had worked in close to the beach and her crew of 5 men had already landed. One of them, however, was badly used up by the hardships he had undergone.
     Stimulants were administrated and the man was warmly wrapped, placed in the cart and with his companions taken to the station, where their wet clothing was soon exchanged for dry and their comfort well looked after. All were hospitably cared for until the 12th, when the keeper took them to Manteo, whence they proceeded to Norfolk by steamer. Two days later the vessel broke up and became a total loss, but the anchors, chains, rigging and a small portion of the cargo of lumber had been saved, the surf men assisting in the work. The captain upon leaving the station, handed the keeper the following of thanks:

I desire to return my sincere thanks to Captain Etheridge and crew, of Nag’s Head Station, for their promptness in rendering aid and assistance in rescuing and providing for myself and crew stranded April 7th, 1889. CHAS. W. SHARP, Master of Standed Schooner Hattie Lollis

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