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Diamond Shoal Lightship 69 ~ 17 August 1899

Annual Report of the Operations of the United States Life-Saving Services for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1900:

Parted moorings during the terrible storm and stranded at 3.30 a.m. 1 mile SSW. of station. Surfmen hastened to the scene with the beach apparatus. They fired a shot line across the wreck and safely landed the crew of 9 men in the breeches buoy. Took them to station in a much exhausted condition and provided them with dry clothing from the supplies of the Women’s National Relief Association. They were succored at station until the next day, when, having recovered their strength, and the storm having abated, they boarded their vessel again. Wreckers were sent for, and efforts were made to save the vessel. On September 12, the weather being rough, the life savers assisted the crew to land, and succored them at station until the next day, when they were able to return to the wreck. On September 19 it was necessary for the crew to quit the wreck once more, and the station crew hauled them ashore. This time they stayed at the station until the 21st, and then went back on board. Soon afterwards the Merritt Wrecking Company succeeded in hauling her off the beach and towed her to Baltimore for repairs. (See letters of acknowledgment.)


SIR: In behalf of the crew of the Diamond Shoal Lightship, No. 69, which stranded near Creeds Hill Life-Saving Station on the morning of August 18 in the hurricane from the southeast, we, the undersigned, wish to thank the Life-Saving Service for the timely assistance which was rendered us by the Creeds Hill life-saving crew.
     At 5 a.m. we discovered the life-savers coming to our rescue. The weather was thick and rainy and blowing a hurricane. All hands were in the rigging and the seas were breaking completely over the vessel. We were all landed safely and taken to the station in an exhausted condition, where e were kindly treated by Captain H.W. Styron and his crew, for which we desire to tender our thanks. J.I. BOWLING, Master ; H.D. RULEY, Assistant Engineer ; JERRY PERRY, Fireman ; GEO. H. WILLIS, Cook ; HENRY ADDICKS, Seaman

Diamond Shoal Lightship 69

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