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Bark Clythia ~ 22 January 1894

Annual Report of the Operations of the United States Life-Saving Service for the fiscal year ending June 30 1894:

Stranded on Pebble Shoal during foggy weather; heavy surf running, making boat service impossible. After a hard struggle along the beach, life saving crew arrived opposite bark with apparatus cart and fired a shot over her as she lay (300 yards from and head on to shore); crew of False Cape Station then reached scene and helped land her crew of seventeen men and their personal effects with breeches buoy. Provided for ship’s company at station, sending 9 of them to Norfolk on 25th. Succored remainder of crew and agents for underwriters and wrecking company until 28th, on which date, sea moderating, transferred them to vessel. Employed in transmitting messages for wrecker until February 1, when the Clythia was abandoned on account of stormy weather, the crew being cared for at station until February 6, when they departed for Norfolk giving up the bark for lost. Saved and sold at auction all articles of value remaining on the wreck and turned the proceeds over to master, at whose request the sale was made. The following is a statement received from the officers of the Norwegian bark Clythia, stranded near Wash Woods Station, North Carolina, January 22, 1894:

The twenty-second day of January we stranded two or three miles north of the Wash Woods Life-Saving Station, and were saved with the rocket line; were on shore six days the first time. It is with pleasure we state that the life-saving people were active and took care to bring us on shore, and happy are this shipwrecked crew which came to such a station, where all do everything for the wrecked crew’s comfort in any way. We think, really, if we had been wrecked in our own country we never would have been taken so much care of as now. With thankful hearts we always will remember Captain Corbel and his men, and never lose them from our minds. J. Heffermehl, Master; A. Christensen, Mate; D. Kamenni, Second Mate; J.A. Jonsen, of Clythia.

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