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The strongest hurricane to hit North Carolina during the official record was the San Ciriaco Hurricane of 1899, which struck the state with winds of 120 mph. See individual record ship records for details.
  • Big Kinnakeet, schooner Florence Randall, 16 August
  • Gull Shoal, schooner Aaron Reppard, 16 August
  • Cape Hatteras, 17 August ~ Several families were driven from their homes by the high water during the terrible hurricane which was raging, and were sheltered at the station until the storm abated on the 19th instant. The houses of the keeper and a surfman were washed down, the station stables demolished, and the boathouse carried from its foundation during this storm.
  • Creeds Hill, Diamond Shoals Lightship #69, 17 August
  • Gull Shoal, barkentine Priscilla, 17 August
  • Little Kinnakeet, schooner Robert W. Dasey, 17 August
  • Portsmouth, 17 August ~ Surfmen took two families who had been driven from their homes by the high water during the prevailing hurricane, to the station in a boat and sheltered them until the storm ceased. It was necessary for the keeper to scuttle the station during this storm to prevent it floating away.
  • Portsmouth, schooner Lydia A. Willis, 17 August
  • Portsmouth, hulk Fred Walton, 17 August
  • Chicamacomico, schooner Minnie Bergen, 18 August
  • Oregon Inlet, 18 August ~ A camp containing 5 fishermen became separated from the main beach by an inlet which had been cut through by the sea during the violent storm of the previous day. Surfmen managed to throw a heaving stick to the men, and, with a line, hauled them safely across the Inlet, taking them to station and providing them with dry clothing from the supplies of the Women’s National Relief Association.
  • Durants, 18 August ~ Station patrol found a body of a man among some wreckage cast up by the sea. Found nothing to identify the wreckage except a plank with the name Agnes upon it, which supposed to be the name of the vessel lost. Surfmen gave the body decent burial.
  • Gull Shoal, 19 August ~ A body, which was identified as that of the cook of the wrecked schooner Aaron Reppard, was found on the beach and buried by the surfmen.
  • Creeds Hill, 21 August ~ The evening patrol found the body of a man on the beach, where it had been washed up by the sa. Its height was 5 feet 7 inches, its weight about 140 pounds, and it had dark hair. Surfmen wrapped it in a blanket and buried it.
  • Gull Shoal, 23 August ~ The body of a man, about 6 feet tall and having light hair, was found 1 mile NNW. Of station and given decent burial by the surfmen.
  • Cape Hatteras, 25 August ~ The station patrol from midnight to 4 a.m. found a man’s body on the beach and hauled it up clear of the tide. At daylight the surfmen measured it, finding it 5 feet 2 inches in height, then wrapping it in a blanket they buried it decently.
  • Pea Island, 28 August ~ Surfmen saved a quantity of lumber and railroad ties which had washed ashore within the patrol limits of station and turned them over to the commissioner of wrecks.
Disappeared without a trace:
  • John C. Haynes             
  • M.B. Millen
  • Albert Schultz
  • Elwood H. Smith
  • Henry B. Cleaves
  • Charles M. Patterson

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