Monday, June 4, 2012

Outer Banks Ghost Fleet

The North Carolina Underwater Archaeology Branch maintains
a database of approx. 5,000 ship lost in North Carolina waters.
This map represents only 600 of them.


The following list does not include vessels lost in our sounds and rivers, or those lost due to warfare, intentional scuttling or accidents (fire, boiler explosions, etc.). Totals for inlet areas include vessels reported lost at the inlet as well as along the barrier islands to either side of the inlet:
  • Atlantic Ocean off NC—111
  • Northern Outer Banks—686
  • Cape Hatteras—424
  • Hatteras Inlet (opened 1846)—88
  • Ocracoke Inlet Vicinity—586
  • Core Banks—37
  • Cape Lookout—180
  • Beaufort Inlet—110
  • Bogue Inlet to Carolina Beach—107
  • New Inlet (1761-1879)—79
  • Cape Fear—162
  • Cape Fear River Entrance—156
  • Oak Island to Sunset Beach—22

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